CIPAfilter Issues - Blocked Websites

The common issue when a site is blocked that you know it should not be(like for teachers) Is that the Filtering set program for your computer is not working correctly. There are two main areas, one for Non-District devices and one for Computers logged into the network(Two fixes)
1.) Non Logging in network devices(Ipads/phones/personal laptops/etc)
If these have been setup to get special filtering and they loose it, 9 times out of 10, it is because the IP address for that device has changed(ex. On the blocked page example below, you will see where it says IP address. If you are reporting this to Tech, make sure to note what IP address is listed.

2.) District computer that the user logs into: There are two fixes for this, normally there is a CIPAfilter client that runs in the system tray telling the computer what Filter set to be a part of.(Ex look at SnapShot#1 and note filter set on the page..all this info is important if you can not get it goign by yourself and have to report it to Tech). Below are the two Fixes for District Computers.
A.) REBOOT or Shut the PC off and back on. Usually this will fix many issues, including the filter set issue listed above.
B.) If you have completed "A.)" and it still shows a block page, follow the directions below:

Snapshot #1 "CIPA filter block page"
**please note all these settings, if you have to report this to tech, or its a site that should be valid, this information is important**

When you get the above and it shows default instead of teacherfiltering, complete the following:

**Go to start button on the bottom left of the screen, windows XP users will be a start menu button**

**Click on ALL Programs**

**Click on CIPA filter Folder, and then DOUBLE click on the CIPAfilter Auth Client**

This should now put a cipafilter icon in your system tray(blue/white icon with a "C" in the middle)

Now go to your website again and see if it shows up correctly. If it still does not, then please submit a tech ticket at this time.